24 May 2021

The Nullarbor, Bunda Cliffs SA

Travelled: 278km via Nundroo, Nullarbor to Bunda Cliffs free bush camp (-31.584062,130.390864)

After our coffee we set off along the Nullarbor

Our first stop was at the Nundroo Roadhouse where we had some breakfast and then had fun on the Wombat Hole golf links.

We topped up on fuel at $1.41 before continuing on the A1 …past a couple of  road signs and road trains. It is also where the Eastern end of the Nullarbor (the treeless plain) begins. This area was once part of the ocean floor and is the world’s biggest, flattest piece of limestone, covering an area of 200,000 square kilometres and is up to 300m thick! 

Had to get off the road for this guy…

White Wells Cave…
First cyclist heading west…
The well known sign but didn’t spot any of them.

The Nullarbor Roadhouse is a popular stop with its old roadhouse. 

We also took the opportunity to get clean with the $1/5mins showers! 

We decided to stop along the Bunda Cliffs. We enjoyed our 26 oysters (as they can’t be taken into WA). In between showers we walked along the cliffs edge and took in the amazing views.
Some lovely vegetation along the cliffs.

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