15 May 2021

Carrow Wells-Port Neill, Eyre Peninsula SA

Travelled:  75km from Point Gibbon, Arno Bay, Port Neill to Carrow Wells free camp behind sand dunes (-34.143940, 136.333421) 

Luckily the wind settled down over night and we managed a reasonable sleep. After breakfast we walked 4.5km/1 hour return to the dunes along the road past a few more likely camp spots. 

An old fishing boat hut.

We were in search of the sea lions known to frequent the area. Having reached the pointy end we began to double back and spotted one lying low in the seaweed beds. We took a quick picture not wanting to disturb him/her. 

We returned to Traky via the beach as the tide was low.

 In the red cliffs we saw plenty of sparrow nests.

We packed up and enjoyed a $1/2min shower at Point Gibbon before heading south to Arno Bay, a quiet fishing village with a well appointed foreshore park and jetty. As per many townships on these SA peninsulas, it was established in the late 1880 due to its safe harbour to bring supplies snd fertilisers to enrich the impoverished soils. The ships took away grain and wool. Later in 1963 the ships were replaced by trucks. We had a cuppa and a walk on the jetty. 

We next stopped to have a look at Port Neill which follows Arno Bay’s history. 

Just 5km south from here is Carrow Wells where we found a nice spot overlooking the dunes and the sea. We had a lovely walk along the pristine white sand before the grey clouds came in again. 

We found this on the beach..

We ended the day with Mark cooking a butterflied lamb and roast veggies for dinner… perfect. Cheers