17 July 2021

Through Victoria to home

Travelled: 632km through Victoria via Pinnarro SA, Whycheproof Vic to home sweet home.

Well unfortunately we found ourselves once again close to the border and Victoria is in lockdown #5 (we are not confident that it’s only for 5 days). The weather is wet, windy and cold which has sapped our enthusiasm for caravanning and further explores of the area. We have some work beckoning us at home that needs to be done …. So with mixed feelings - sad that our journey is over, but excited to get home - we make the decision to drive through Victoria to our home. The sun makes an appearance early trying to break through the persistent clouds.

We stop at the Pinnaroo bakery to nourish us through the day.. a breakfast pie with a very tasty vanilla slice (devoured later). The SA/Victoria border is practically nonexistent ie Victoria doesn’t care who comes in from SA…but SA will never let you go back.

We drive past some beautiful farming land and a few classic country towns.

We take some drive by photos of some Silo Art.

About half way we stop in Whycheproof for a cuppa and the vanilla slice and take a couple of photos.

We then drive all the way home… after travelling 12,660 km over 80 days along with some great memories to sustain us until we can escape again…