23 September 2023

Tumby Bay, Eyre Peninsula

Today we traversed from the west to east coast of the Eyre Peninsula. It’s a beautiful drive through lush countryside of wheat, canola, chickpeas, lentils and sheep. 

We stop half way in Cummins that appears to be a very active service town for the surrounding graziers. The local park offers some history of the area… reflected in the amazing mosaics. 

We continued on to Tumby Bay. It has a lovely vibe especially the foreshore with the Norfolk Pines and grass flanking the whites sandy beach and beautiful blue sea. Such a picture of tranquility. Also for us travellers it offers all the essentials including cheap fuel, water, a dump point. Thank you to the East coast.

We travel a little bit more north to Cape Hardy Beach and find ourselves a lovely spot. What more could we ask.

Unfortunately our trip came to an abrupt end due to the very sad passing of  my mum...
Mark dropped me off at the Adelaide airport and he continued home alone....