12 August 2022

Pack up Beauvais France then home

Day 93-94/France 61-62
Travelled: 124km to Beauvais

Well it’s the business end of getting ready for our departure. We drove a couple of hours to Francastle, just above Beauvais, to a motorhome accessories shop. They are a Rimor dealer and we wanted to order some replacement parts for Bluey. We also discussed selling Bluey… but not this year!
We then made our way to Beauvais where we have used as a last stop 3 times before as there is a great motorhome parking and service point. But first we did some washing at the Intermarché that had an automatic laundry in the carpark. 

So while the sheets and towels where getting clean we had lunch at the Asian Buffet. Probably not our first choice but it was the only one here and it wasn’t too bad for €13.90pp.

We stopped in the centre and had a look at the cathedral.

At the parking area we searched out the shade and later began sorting through our stuff that we want to take home. 

We managed to get our packing finished by lunchtime the next day. We went to another set of shops, got a bit of fuel and then returned pack to the parking area to wait out the day. This year we had to find a new spot for Bluey to stay and there is no service point. So at 6:30pm we had a shower got Bluey ready for his hibernation essentially dumping all the water before we drove 30mins to Breuil le Sec. We settled in and finished our To Do List. Ready for our last sleep in Bluey.

All went to plan on Friday with our early morning pick up with Andre. We had the unique experience to be bused out to the plane

We left from Terminal 2 at Charles de Gaulle whilst they do renovations at Terminal 1.  Then the flight on Singapore Airline went smoothly and on time as per usual. We treated ourselves to returning home in Business Class which had flat beds that made for better sleeping. A great end to a wonderful 3 month trip.